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FOR SALE: An AMAZING opportunity for an apartment in a building that is already signed for TAMA! In the the most developing neighborhood in Tel Aviv today - Wolfson street!

◊ The apartment is 58 sqm in an old building that is already signed with a contractor for demolish and re build.

◊ The apartment is now rented for 8.000 NIS per month

◊ In the new building that will be built you will get a bigger new apartment in the most developing area in Tel Aviv

◊ This is a fantastic opportunity if you are looking for a great investment in the Israeli property market or a home for yourself in the future most popular area for families in Tel Aviv.

◊ Neve Shaanan is the most wanted and on demand neighborhood in Tel Aviv right now - no competition.

◊ Prices for an apartment in the new projects in the area are starting at 60 NIS per meter!

◊ The neighborhood is going to be connected to the city center with the new light train

◊ This is an amazing opportunity to buy a property that will double it's worth in just a few years


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