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FOR SALE: Amazing investment in the most developing neighborhood in Tel Aviv: Neve Shaanan

◊ The building is old and already signed for demolishing with a contractor

◊ The location is super astrategic - right near the new light train station, right near the centrak station that will be demolished and a gren park will be built instead

◊ The monicipality plan for this part of the neighborhood is green parks, schools, 2 light train lines and luxury towers

◊ The apartment is already rented for 8.000 NIS a month so it covers you mortgage

◊ This is once in a life time chance to get a property in Tel Aviv in the up and coming neighborhoods. In less than 10 years time it will be the next Rothschild. 

◊ This is like buying an apartment near the beach on Ben Yehuda 15 years ago. 

◊ A group of luxury towers will be built on the ground that the building is built on.

◊ 44.800 NIS per meter in Tel Aviv is not something you find every day.


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