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FOR SALE: New Apartment in a new, High Standards Boutique project in the heart of Florentine, Right near a new green Park and Levinsky Market: 3 Rooms: 2 Bedrooms / 2 Full Bathrooms + Balcony. The project is one of the most expensive and LAX in Florentine. It has an inner patio for the tenants, 2 see through elevators and a gorgeous lobby.

◊ 70sqm + 3sqm Balcony
◊ Beautiful 3 Rooms apartment in very high standards
◊ Spacious living room
◊ Standing balcony
◊ LAX kitchen
◊ 2 Bedrooms - One is a master
◊ 2 Full bathrooms
◊ 3rd Floor + 2 Elevators
◊ Amazing location in the heart of Florentine, right near Levinsky Market and the new "Aluf Batzlot" Green Park.

PRICE: 4.940.000 NIS


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