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Real Estate in Tel Aviv - Why is it so hard?!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

"If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere"

This sentence can only be said about 2 cities in the world: New York and Tel Aviv.

So why is it so hard to find a good apartment in this city?

The answer is complicated...

Everyone wants to live in the same neighborhood

First and most crucial reason is that no one really knows this city and all it's wonderful neighborhood.

Most people that come here, especially from abroad only do what other non Israeli/Tel Avivian tell them to do: "Go live in the old north"

Now - don't get me wrong the Old North is great! But we have so many other great places to live in and it seems like there is a huge stream of non Israelis that are miss informed and think that they can't live anywhere else but the Old North. Crazy no?!

Tel Aviv is so small - even if you live in Florentine (like me) - your scooter / Sherut will take you anywhere in 10 minutes.

Coffee shops, restaurants and bars are all over. No matter where you live in the city - you will have tons of them right near you.

Kerem Hateymanim, Florentine and Neve Shaanan are turning into the new and up coming neighborhoods and new buildings are filling up their streets and replacing the old ones along with their tenants.

Florentine is growing faster than you can imagine and prices are slowly catching up with the Old North - but here you can get so much more for your money. I have a large verity of apartments for rent in new buildings in Florentine area. Completely new 2 - 5 Rooms beautiful apartment you will absolutely love.

You get a new building with an elevator, parking and all kind of treats for less money than you will pay for an old 2 rooms apartment in the Old North.

And lets face it guys... Unless you just had a baby and looking for coffee shops to sit with other moms and their new born - you don't have much to do in the Old North during the day anyways :)

Long story short: Expand your search and come live in the city center and south - it is so much cooler than what people told you.

So if you are looking to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv, you better contact me :)

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