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Tel Aviv Neighborhoods

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Let's talk about my favorite topic: Tel Aviv neighborhoods! How they are divided, what character each neighborhood has and most important: How will you know which neighborhood is the right one for you?

What Does Tel Aviv's different neighborhoods have to offers?

This city has it all: From high end luxurious beach apartments to small private houses.

It all depends on what you love and how you want to live.

You can have a great duplex on Dizzingoff overlooking the sea with tons of bars, restaurants and shops right under your house or you can live in Neve Tsedek in a quiet, Bauhaus kind of village like apartment and still be a walking distance from the beach - but with a completely different beach vibes. And of course there's a large range of apartments in Tel Aviv in between those 2


You can walk around the entire city in just about 2 hours.

Go around Tel Aviv neighborhoods and feel the vibes :)

Let's review the different neighborhoods in Tel Aviv!

The Old North Neighborhood

This is defiantly the "posh" side of Tel Aviv Where the apartments are luxurious, the outfits are expensive, the coffee costs 16 NIS and parties have a dress code.

The Old North Tel Aviv starts from the Namal entrance and goes all the way to Alenbi / Ben Yehuda corner.

It is a large neighborhood and even in it there are different vibes but generally, posh and fancy.

Even the old north's beaches reflect the same vibe: Beach parties all over, sea food restaurants and costume made bikinis.

The neighborhood's north side is located right next to Park Hayarkon, making it the absolute most favorite part of the city to live in for families.

City Center

This part of the city includes Rotschild Boulevards, Nahalat Binyamin and the Carmel markets and is b-i-z-z-y. This is where everyone comes from outside of Tel Aviv to "experience" the city. You can find here tons of markets, stores and malls like Dizzingof center. This is also where Tel Aviv night life happens and all the big well known pubs are.

Although this is a crazy part of Tel Aviv, you can find small streets with Bauhaus buildings with quiet apartments to live in - thanks to the white city preservation projects. Here the beach is not a walking distance and might be for you if you are the type who doesn't need to live and breath the sea and loves to come out and play at a latest hour ;)

Kerem Hateimanim

Now this is a part of the city where time doesn't mean that much and you can never be "too late" to anything.

A small village originally populated by Yemmans and therefore it's name, at the end of the city, where you can still find the original residences here and there, mostly on Fridays where everyone goes to eat Hummus at the small home made Hummus shops. If you are planning on living there you should know you have to be early to get a sit and Hummus because they start early and make a certain amount of Hummus and these are the places you want to eat at on Friday or any day actually.

The neighborhood is right on the beach - Banana beach and the "drum" beach (Hof Hatupim), where drummers come every Friday to play together. Very chill and India like beaches. If this is your type of thing - go for it!

Neve Tzedek

This beautiful, charming small neighborhood is made of History.

It is made of low standing, stunning preserved Bauhaus buildings, French bakeries and galleries all over that gives the neighborhood it's very unique character.

This is also where Suzan Dalla, the most famous dance group in Israel and abroad has it's home here in a beautiful, large structure with a French like outer space for between the shows.

If Europe chic is your thing - this is your neightborhood!


Lay back and relax! This is a neighborhood/another city of Tel Aviv that has a completely and unexpected face.

Ottoman houses, a flea market and coffee shops that only serve black coffee, all of those are the main attractions in Jaffa.

You can sped an entire day in the flea market, see bands playing in different corners and feel like only 10 minutes has pass.

But at night, like a famous Israeli song says: Jaffa is the most beautiful city in Tel Aviv, with tons of bars full of people all over the city, the amazing port with flashing lights and this old neighborhood looks like a city in Europe!

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