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Tel Aviv Neighborhoods

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Let's talk about my favorite topic: Tel Aviv neighborhoods! How they are divided, what characters each neighborhood has and the most important: How will you know which neighborhood is the right one for you when you are looking for an apartment for rent in Tel Aviv?

What Does Tel Aviv's different neighborhoods have to offers?

This city has it all: From high end luxurious beach apartments in the Old North to small private houses in Neve Tzedek.

It all depends on what you love and how you want to live.

You can have a great duplex on Dizengoff overlooking the sea with bars, restaurants and shops right under your building or you can live in Kerem hateimanim in a tiny street with no cars entrance. In both cases you are still just a short walking distance from the beach. Of course there is a range of neighborhoods with different vibes in between those two, so let's explore them!


You can walk around the entire city in about an hour.

Go around Tel Aviv neighborhoods and feel the vibes :)

Let's review the different neighborhoods in Tel Aviv!

The Old North Neighborhood

This is the "posh" side of Tel Aviv Where the apartments are luxurious, the outfits are expensive and parties have a dress code.

The Old North starts from the Namal and goes through Ben Yehuda street and Dizengoff.

You have all the bars of Dizengoff but they are all pretty much gathered in one part of the street, starting around Ben Gurion to Dizengoff square, so it is still a quiet part of the city to live in.

Even the old north's beaches reflect the the neighborhood vibe: Beach parties all over, sea food restaurants and costume made bikinis.

The neighborhood's north side is located right next to Park Hayarkon, making it the absolute favorite part of the city for families.

It is also considered the be the preferred neighborhood for Olim to live in.

City Center

This part of the city includes Rotschild Boulevards, Nahalat Binyamin and the Carmel market area and it is b-i-z-z-y. This is where everyone outside of Tel Aviv come to experience the city. You can find here tons of markets, stores, main roads and a lot more things that reflects a city vibe.

This is also where Tel Aviv night life happens and most of the clubs and bars are located.

Although this is a crazy part of Tel Aviv, you can find small streets with Bauhaus buildings with quiet apartments to live in - thanks to the white city preservation projects. Here the beach is a walking distance, but it can be a 20 minutes walk, unlike the Old North that is spread along the coastline. So if you are the type of person that the beach life is a substantial part of their life it might not be the perfect neighborhood for you. If you are the type that likes to come out and play at a late hour, this is the one for you ;)


Also known as Tel Aviv soho, being the artists favorite part of the city.

Here you can find art everywhere - from wall graffiti to undergrounds alternative galleries.

A lot of coffee shops reflects the same vibe with alternative art on their walls and 10 shekels coffee :)

Here you can find a lot of young artists siting in coffees shops sketching their next creation. Although it is considered one of the most under taken care of part of the city, with a lot of running water and defected sidewalks, I think that it is a part of it's charm and makes it be what is it - not the most expensive neighborhood but definatily the most creative and my personal beloved as I live in Florentine :)

Kerem Hateimanim

This is a part of the city where time stood still. Very small streets, a lot of them has no cars entry so you mostly walk or bike in this neighborhood.

A small village like neighborhood originally built and populated by yemenis - therefore it's name. The neighborhood is located along the south part of Tel Aviv coastline - Banana beach, Beach club ect. Those beaches are knows for being a bit more chilled than the one in the north part of the coastline.

The kerem is known for it's chilled vibes, close neighbors relationships and general small town feeling.

The building in this area is restricted to small buildings in order to preserve the original neighborhood vibe - and it is working great! Even the newest projects there reflects the original easy going vibe.

Also here you can find the best home made food in Tel Aviv and Hummus. It still has a lot of the original restaurants owned by the original residence that has been there for decades making delicious eastern food.

So if chill vibe is your vibe - This is the neighborhood for you!

Neve Tzedek

Also known as "The French colony" This beautiful, charming small neighborhood is a preserved neighborhood and it is a very big part of the "White city project".

It is mostly made of low standing, stunning preserved Bauhaus buildings preserved to perfection, French bakeries and galleries all over that gives the neighborhood it's very unique character.

This is also the home of Suzan Dallal, a big theater that attracts theater lovers and host a lot of dance groups. It is the center of everything that is beautiful :)

If Europe chic is your thing - this is your neighborhood!


Old Ottoman buildings, a flea market, street live shows, afternoon (cheap) beer and the chilliest beaches in Tel Aviv - this is Jaffa.

Jaffa is a big neighborhood and is almost like a separated city from Tel Aviv.

It has a very different vibe than everything you've seen in Tel Aviv. some of it is live music, small alleys with tons of bars that take their sitting areas out to the street, taverns and flea market, another part of it is the Old City of Jaffa that is very similar to the Old City in Jerusalem - very small streets, a lot of art, very unique structures and boutique restaurants. Another part of Jaffa is it's port - where you can actually see old fishermen going out in their small boats early morning to make a living.

It is a little far from the city center - a thing you need to consider.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv and you still don't know the city so well, I strongly suggest to take an Airbnb for a few days and get to know the city a bit.

My personal opinion?

Each neighborhood has it's charm but Florentine is the best :P

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