For Sale: Huge garden Apartment in the highest standards available in a new, beautiful project in a small quiet street right off Dizzengof Square:

In a new project we have this very large, luxurious and pampering Garden apartment. It has 2 Levels:

97sqm in the first level

90sqm in the bottom level
70sqm outer garden space 

It has 4 bedrooms, 2 Full bathrooms + guests toilet.


The apartment is built in the highest standards and offers you:


Klil sound proof acoustic windows

Smart shading options for the garden

Electric and Venetians blinds 

VRF Mitsubishi / Hitachi / Daikin AC system  

Floating Granit porcelain tiles in the outer space


The project is built in very high standards and stands in the green building criteria of 2 stars.

The parking is built to fit tall vehicles like Land Cruiser