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How to find the right agent in Tel AVIV?

Finding the right real estate agent can be just as hard as finding the right apartment.

So how will we know we got the right one?

Buying and apartment is one of the most important decisions a person can make. If we want to do it right, you need to have the right real estate agent that will help you not only find the right property, but will also accompany you in the purchasing process.

Almost every person in Israel and outside of it, has a dream of owning an apartment in Israel, some even dare to dream about owning one in Tel Aviv :) Buying a property in Tel Aviv is about 3 times more expensive than buying a property almost anywhere else in Israel, more of a reason you have to get it right. Buying an apartment in Tel Aviv has a lot of different aspects to it other than the property data itself: The location can be crucial, because Tel Aviv is so small that 1 street can be considered a great purchase and the one right next to it can be not such a great idea. But, also you have to remember that Tel Aviv is developing in a very rapid speed and the street that were a huge no only a year ago, can now be the hottest spots for investing. ?

One of the most substantial factors to consider is the new railway coming our way in a few years. If you look at the properties along the already existing red line, you will be surprise to discover that their prices jumped in about 2-3 times the price that they were selling for only 5-6 years ago. That is a HUGE leap in real estate in such a short time.

There are a lot more variants to consider while searching an apartment for sale in Tel Aviv, it is a very small city and you have to know every street and every plan existing for the different areas.

So in order to find the right agent for purchasing an apartment in Tel Aviv you need someone that first of all, knows the city like the back of his/her hand and has been living in the city.

You also want an agent that knows the different payments and taxes involved in purchasing an apartment in Israel because like anywhere else, every country has it's own rules and payments.

I would also recommend to find an agent that deals not only with existing apartment for sale, but also in developing projects. Buying "on paper" can be a lot cheaper than buying an existing apartment and in this city, it is defiantly worth the wait since every year there is a jump in real estate prices in the different neighborhoods, and a neighborhood that was considered bad when you bought your "on paper" property can be the hottest one to buy in when the project is ready. Just for example you can look at the Levontin neighborhood: just 6-7 years ago you could buy a new apartment "on paper" there for around 1.6 Million shekels and now it is worth around 4 Millions. Crazy aha?! Only in Tel Aviv it can happen - because of the crazy fast development and the new railway coming our way + the growing number of new Olim coming from all over the world and buying properties here.

So if you are looking for a great agent, that knows the city like the back of her hand and knows about all the new projects in the up and coming neighborhoods in Tel Aviv,

Give me a call!

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