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Where is the next neighborhood to invest in Tel Aviv?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Tel Aviv is a city that is constantly under constriction

The growing demand for housing in the city over the last few years brought new light to old and forgotten neighborhoods of the city.

Only a few years ago, around 2015, you could found new projects for a very low price per square meter. These apartments today have doubled and tripled their worth and has made their owners a nice profit in only a few years.

A good example for that you can see in Levontin neighborhood. Project such as "LiveTLV" in Harakevet 16 street was sold for an average of 20K per square meter only 7 years ago and today they are sold for 60K per square meter. Nice profit right?!

So - we already know that Tel Aviv is always in high demand and we also know that we are literally running out of space in the most wanted neighborhoods such as the Old North and Rothschild. So the logical conclusion would be that Tel Aviv is a great city to invest in real estate. But where?

How would you know what are the Up-and-Coming Areas in Tel Aviv?

Or in other words: Where you should put your money?

Neve Sha'anan

This neighborhood might surprise you.

Until a few years ago, not many people would have consider moving there, since it was consider not the cleanest or the safest.

Today you can walk in some parts of the neighborhood and be amazed of how clean and new it became.

Projects like "Florentine Village" has brought new life to that side of the neighborhood. More and more young people that it only make sense to move there and get so much more for your money: New, pampering apartments in new boutique projects that are still selling for relatively low prices. But we are not looking for "relatively low prices", we want the next area that will double and triple our money, and it is still possible.

So let me tell you a little secret: the other sides of Neve Sha'anan is quietly growing, new luxurious projects are being planned and are in the process of being built. A quick look at the city municipality plan will clearly show the gentrification this neighborhood is going through. Tel Aviv Municipality knows that it is running out of space and it is time for that part of the city to be renewed. If you want more specific info about this, please contact me and allow me to surprise you and show you where you make your jackpot.

This is exactly the type of scenarios where in 5 years time people will ask themselves where have they been when the prices here were low.

I have a verity of apartments for sale in Neve Sh'anan, specifically apartment for investment in Tel Aviv that will grow their value very fast.

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